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Learn Tajik Prashna Post 2 0
Learn Tajik Prashna Post 2

In continuation of the first post of the Tajik Prashna Course.

Using Tajik Prashna for pregnancy questions - miscarriage.

Question asked by queriest:

Will the foetus take birth?

At the time of the question, if there is a Movable sign in Lagna, and the moon or lagna lord is joining (ithashala) malefics, then say there will be a miscarriage.

If the moon or lagna lord are joining any debilitated planet or lords of 6th, 8th or 12th then also miscarriage is indicated.

If they are joining an unafflicted Jup then there will be birth.

In addition Paapkartari and Shubhakartari yog should be considered as well as other yogas of Tajik System.

In addition to the technique we should see other factors such as paapkartari, shubhkartari yogas, nature of lagna such as movable, sirshodaya and positions of other planets in the chart. Give your final answer based on the complete picture.

Now see the example given below. It illustrates the technique through an emotional story.

On 27 June 2019 one lady who was 5 months pregnant called me from the hospital. She said she has been in hospital since 3 days but the doctors were not revealing anything. All she knew was they were running some tests. Naturally, she was in fear for her child. Now at the age of 40, she already had 3 miscarriages. I had told her to change her lifestyle because she was working in a bank. (She didn’t change her lifestyle).

I then cast the prashna chart, that you can see here.

First, notice the Lagna - it is Movable. The Lagna lord is in the 8th house (not good). The 5th Lord is in 3rd with Ketu at the same degree (again not good). Retro Jupiter is also at the same degree (Jup is the 3rd lord which is the 8th from the 8th and 6th lord. Jup is not good for libra in this chart). The Moon is in sheeghra Ithhashala with Mars (Mars is malefic). The Moon is having Ithhashala with Mercury which is the 12th lord. Mars and Mercury are in inimical position (according to Tajik Shastra) which is also not good.

So What Should be My Answer?

There is no good indication for the baby. I knew that the baby has already died before some time in the womb, but how can I say this to a pregnant woman? So, I simply cut the call. She called again but I didn’t pick up.

Then after some time one of her colleagues came to me asking about her condition. I told her that the prashna indicated that the baby is already lost so I didn't have the heart to inform her. The next day the report confirmed the baby was lost. After some days when I met her, she asked “You already knew about that am I right?” I simply said, “Take Care Mam."

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