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Yogas - The Marvels Of Hindu Astrology By O P Verma [RP]

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Combinations of various planets form the essence of predictive astrology as practised in India. The Yogas or planetary combinations speak about the inherited physical and psychological tendencies which manifest as success or failure in life. Combinations get modified by the aspects of various planets and different signs in which various Yogas or planetary combinations fall in. A large number of horoscopes from real life has been given to felicitate the reader in comprehending the intrinsic character of the combination. Various citations from western astrology will further the knowledge of the reader. The book contains general Yogas as well the Yogas that pertain to the 12 houses of the horoscope. An enlightening Treaties of its kind



Present work is written with an intent to enlighten the readers with the peculiar part of Hindu Astrology known as Yogas. It is difficult to find an English equivalent of the word Yoga rather in broader terms. We can say that it is relevant to a particular or specific combination related with a particular aspect of human life be it fortune or misfortune. In other words a Yoga can add vitality to a horoscope by improving certain life-aspects of its possessor or can devitalize an individual in a particular area of his life whose birth horoscope is under scrutiny. The Yogas give an impetus to a particular area of life to which an individual is found in a Karmic sense or manner. In this book the author has extensively discussed as many as 564 Yogas described in the classical texts, providing relevant information quoting the authorities. The author has included particularly those Yogas for which could be supplemented with example charts. It is hoped that the endeavour will open new avenues for research-minded students of this divine science of Astrology. Beginners will find it an interesting study for maintaining their interest.

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