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Yantra Mantra Tantra And Occult Science By Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi [DP]

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Mantra: A lively conglomerate ol words sounds

शब्दो नित्यः आकाश गुणत्वा Which means word is immortal due to clement of Akash


word distorts ends and hence t is immorial The inventor of radio active waves and wireless Marconi must have taken cue from are Gemini's opinion verbatim due to which we can hear the words spoken thousands of miles away in the same tone with being changed or distorted Not only this. we can even listen to the spoken word even aller many years All this implies that word neither change not distort. hence it is imortal Every second descends thus through other rays of the sky

Scholars of Nyaya Shastra maintain that word is a proven fact but which type of word they refer to is not the words that we speak out of fun curiosity, conveyance in hilarious moments or the words we use in our daily routine is not a lingua Franca The word here rentre pertains to the words used in the Vedas HT that is the words uttered by Vedic Rishis are taken as listening. The question ally arises what is the Spot Vakya short we can say that an apt Vakya' is that which emery ut ol our inquisitiveness ability and contact Sight words si divided into two parts on worldly and Vedic Veche utterances

regarded as it has emanated from God's mouth that बैदिकरमीश्वरोक्ताबात् सर्मेव प्रमाणम्

hence mantras. In themselves are a testimony they do not change and diston and also remain in the uttered from The large need to justify Its proof in any other way u method

What is a Mantra and what is its for

According to Surat tindi dictionary a word i thi whis spoken or mentioned in the Vedas acted for sekulars on prayers. but the stansas ol Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta cannot be term as Mantra The words which are addressed to any deity in graceful way is a Mantra hike OM NAMAH SHIVAYA But in du bun time even the mantras addressed to some or were induced in the list and category of mantras such as the tantrik mantras The words so often used by Shakta and Tantrik disciplines alto known as mantras and is believed that these mantras any aspirants achieved subtle and immense prowess and capability by ning such abbreviated root mantras

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