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Veerasimhavalokanam : Classical Text On Medical Astrology by K . Narayanan [CBH]

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Classic Sanskrit text on Astrology and Ayurveda
Sanskrit text with English commentary


This treatise on Ayurveda with opposite references to Astrology, in Sanskrit was the result of labours by the renowned King
Veerasimha, scion of the Thomara dynasty of Rajputs in Gwalior, son of Devavarmaraja, grandson of Kamalasimha. The intention of the author in writing the treatise, Veerasimhaavalokaha, was to help humanity, by providing information on planetary combinations indicative of specific diseases and the causes, symptoms and cures for such diseases. Such information is essential, to maintain bodily and mental health, enabling individuals to follow their dharma, the most important Purushaartha.
Though Veerasimhan’s treatise is titled as astrological diagnosis and treatment, it is also mainly meant for daily use by the
Vaidyas. Yet at the same time it can also be used very effectively by all the astrologers who are keen on diagnosing the diseases
with reference to the planetary positions and then prescribe the Pryaaschitta Karmas for further onward reference to the Ayurvedic or Siddha Doctor for appropriate, timely medical prescription and treatment Ayurveda, widely followed in India, has started attracting great global interest, as an alternative system of medicine. Those involved in research in this system of alternative medicine, will find this book, replete with information, of help in their research.
           Students and practitioners of Hindu Astrology, will find in it, nuggets of data, linking this hoary science with diseases and their treatment. Of special interest to this group, will be the portions of the text, prescribing the measures to be taken, for propitiating ill placed planets- specific mantras to be chanted (some included in the text), and the gifts to be made and to whom. The author has taken the utmost care to establish, that proper diagnosis by a good vaidya and treatment with medicines are a must which should positively be clubbed with propitiating karmas as suggested by a good astrologer.

           The author of this book, has come across translations in Hindi and Malayalam. The intention of translating the Malayalam
version, into English, is to make it available to a wider public, mainly students and practitioners of Ayurveda, who will find it a veryvaluable and useful book of reference. Of special interest to this group, will be the portions of the text, prescribing the measures to be taken, for propitiating ill placed planet- specific mantras to be chanted (some included in the text), homas to be performed, austerities to be observed, like the Krishchra Chaandraayana Vritha and the gifts to be made and to whom.
This book would be very useful for all students of traditional Indian Medicine as a reference book for both diagnosis and treatment. Finally even for general readers interested in both medicine and astrology, this will be a valuable work of general reference. Sri.K.Narayanan, best known as an astrologer, is a gifted orator as well, his speeches being studded with episodes from his extensive travels. He is famous for his predictions, and efficacious upaayas. With his extensive knowledge of English, Sanskrit, Malayalam and Tamil, he has embarked on this translation of Veerasimha-valokanam, a classical treatise on Medical Astrology in Sanskrit and is a masterpiece of his
effort. Few people know him as a composer of Tamil songs in Carnatic ragas. He has composed the two volumes of mellifluous compositions on Lord Ayyappa, being an ardent Bhaktha of Lord Ayyappa. These two volumes are named aptly Manikanta Ganam.He lives in Chennai

Preface Chapters -

1.Fever - Jwara

*2.Diarrhoea - Athisaaram

*3.Sprue - Grihani

*4.Piles- Arsas*

5.Indigestion - Ajeernam
*6.Worm infections - Krimi rogam

*7.Anaemia spectrum - Pandu rogam

*8.Jaundice - Kaamaala

*9.Bleeding disorders -Rakathapitham

*10.Tuberculosis - Kshayam

*11.Cough and asthma - Kaasaswaasam

*12.Throat affectations - Gadgadarogam

*13.Hiccough- Hikka rogam

*14.Asthma - Swaasa rogam

*15.Dysphonia - Swarabhedam

*16.Anorexia - Arochakam

* 1 7 . V o m i t i n g -Chardhi

*18.Acute thirst and unconsciousness - Thrishnsmoorcha *19.Unconsciousness - Moorcha

*20.Alcoholism - Paanaathyaaya Mahonmadam

*21.Thirst - Daaham

*22.Insanity - Unmaadam

*23.Epilepsy - Apasmaram

*24.Rheumatism - Vaatham

*25.Gout -Vatharaktham

*26.Paraplegia - gouty arthritis - Oorusthambham *27.Abdominal spasm - Shoola rogam

*28.Reverse peristalsis aathmaanodaavartham

*29.Tumour (gastric formations)

*30.Heart Diseases - Hridrogam

*31.Dysuria- Moothra krischram

*32.Urinary Diseases - Moothraaghaatha Adhikaaram201 *33.Renal caculi - Ashmari rogam

*34.Diabetes - Prameham

*35.Adiposity - Medhorogam

*36.Stomach ailments - Udara rogam

*37.Hydrocele - Vriddhi rogam

*38.Lyomphodenoma _ Gandamala

*39.Elephantiasis - Sleepatham

*40.Abscess - Vidardhi

*41.Wounds, ulcers and sores - Vranam

*42.Syphilles - Upadamsam

*43.Disorders of the Penis - Shooka dosha

*44.Leprosy - Kushtam

* 45.Leucoderma - Swithrogam

* 46.A Type of psoriasis, weeping Eczema and scabie -Dadru, Vicharchika and Paama

*47.Skin rashes and erthema - Seethapithaandhakodam

* 48.Hyperacidity-Amla pitha

*49.Erysipelas,Boils and measles - Visarpam, Vispotam and Romanthakam

*50.Tropical Skin diseases - Kshudra rogam

*51.Diseaes of the faces - Mukha rogangal

*52.Afflictions of the nose - Naasadhikaram

*53.Diseases of the eye - Nethrarogam

*54.Afflictions of the head - Siroragadhikaaram

*55.Diseases of Females - Sthreerogadhikaaram

*56.Routine protection for Pregnancy -Garbharaksha vidhi

*57.Ailments - Baala rogaadhikaaram

*58.Toxins - Vishaadhikaram

*59.Age to youthfulness -Raasaayanaadhikaram

*60.Rejuvenation - Vaajeekaranaadhikaram

* Appendices 1

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