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Shatabdika Dasha [AP]

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Among the conditional Dashas of Maharashi Parashara there is a dasha of hundred years, which is known as SHATABDIKA DASHA in Birhat Parasara hora Shastra. This Dasha systemhas been considereed appropriate if lagna is Vargottama. This Dasha is most important in some conditions giving very accurate results than the Vimshottari Dasha. Maharishi Parashara does not give any specific principle for interpretation of this dasha. But being a Nakshatra based dasha like Vimshottari Dasha, the principlesfor interpretation are similar to that of vimshottari dashaSome tables are given in this book to et the balance years of Shatabdika Mahadasha at the time of the birth on the basis of the position of Moon in a horoscope that will take least time of the readersto calculateAbout the AuthorGuiding his way through the self study Mr Girish Chandra Joshi embarks upon the Astrological journey beginning at the tender age of 16 to learn the Astrological secrets at the feet of the Guru. That memorable year came in 1985 when the author acme under the divine spell of Yogi BhaskaranandajiBhaskaranandaji not only initiated him, but began to familiarised him with the intricacies of astrological teachings. Some glimpses from the Astrological ocean, of course, came from Shri K N Rao as the finenuances on the night of Gurupurnima , Yogi ji had this premonition that "You will write my biography on my leaving this world. I will come again to fulfill my unfinished task. Eventually Yogiji's wish turned out to be quiteapt.

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