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Shadbala Rahasyam By Krishna Kumar [English] By Krishna Kumar [AP]

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Sixfold potencyof planets and strength of houses (Shadbala and bhavabala) is an interesting and one of the useful tool for prediction. On seeing a debilitated planet, an astrologer concludes inauspicious results very often. However, this is far from the truth. since exalation strength is not the only strength of planet. A planet acquires strength due to: (1) its position or placement in divisional charts.                                                                                                 (2) its placement in a particular direction.                                                                                                           (3) the native's birth time say during dark or bright fortnight or day/night time.                                                     (4) its retrogression or cheshtabala.                                                                                                                   (5) its natural strength.                                                                                                                                     (6) receiving aspect of benefic planets.         



It is common knowledge that Grahas loosely translated as planets, give their results according to their strength or weakness in a horoscopic chart. The classic emphasize in no uncertain terms the importance of assessing the strength of planets before making any predictions. This is so because only a reasonably strong planet would be able to confer results expected of it A planet which is devoid of strength would necessarily fail to yield results. Unfortunately, this elementary wisdom is only too often. ignored while making predictions. It is no wonder then that several predictions fail because of lack of appreciation of this aspect of predictive astrology

The classics describe the method of reckoning "Shadbala', or the six-fold strength of planets, in order to find out the accurate strength of planets in numerical terms. Astrologers, however, more often than not, avoid making use of the Shadbala in their practice. To me, the two most important factors for astrologers not using the Shadbala for predictive purposes are

1. An intricate and time-consuming method of determining planetary strength, which is often difficult for an average astrologer to comprehend

2 Ignorance about the practical utility of Shadbala in predictive astrology


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