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Shadbala: Planetary Strengths (Calculation and Application) by S.K. Duggal neeraj Taneja sagar publications astrology books

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Shadbala: Planetary Strengths (Calculation and Application)

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Vedic Astrology is based on the Planetary system. Modern Astronomy has been able to calculate the movement and direction of planets very precisely and accurately. Yet sometimes the predictions do not come up to one’s expectations. There are a number of books available dealing with Astrology and Horoscopes. One important factor which normally is not taken into account at the time of delineation of Horoscope is the strength of the Planets and the Bhavas. Shadbala is the system of calculating the strength of the Planets, viz. Sthana Bala, Kaala Bala, Cheshta Bala, Nisargika Bala and Drik Bala.

Bhava Bala is the system of calculating the strength of the Bhavas, viz. Bhava Adhipati Bala, Bhava Dig Bala, Bhava Drishti Bala, Bhava Dina Ratri Bala and Bhava Shubha Ashubha Bala. Methods of calculating Shad Bala and Bhava Bala have been mentioned in classical literature quite in detail. It has also been desired that these strengths should be made use of while predicting the events, yet no information has been given as to their exact application. An attempt has been made in a humble way to introduce methodology for application of Shad Bala, Bhava Bala and other strengths.

Planetary Strengths is the first book on Shadbala and Bhava Bala which deals with detailed calculations based on Vedic Classical Principles and Application of Balas for delineation of horoscopes. The book covers Sthana Bala, Dig Bala,Kaala Bala, Cheshta Bala, Naisargik Bala and Drik Bala.An attempt has also been made to add Vimshopaka Bala and Rashmi Bala as well as Ishta Bala and Kashta Bala.The aspects of the planets have been explained with graphs in a lucid and novel way. A number of example Horoscopes have been analyzed from the point of view of profession, health, marital life and prosperity based on these Balas. It provides a base for further research on this aspect of astrology.

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