Saravali (Vol - I-II) Kalyana Verma Translated by R. Santhanam [RP]

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Kalyana Varma, the famous author Saravali belonged to the 10th century AD. He was the king of a place called Vyaghrapada, believed to be somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. From the verses in this work it vs obvious that he has studied the works of Parashara, Varahamihira and Yavana etc before him, and as he felt that they were too brief, he decided to elaborate the principles. Saravali indeed is a monumental work and the study of it is a must for the serious students of astrology. Some topics covered: Description of the 12 Rasis, limbs of Kala purusha and their use, synonyms of Rasis and Houses, zodiacal halves, their Lords and effects. RäSi and Navamsa rulers, importance of sub-divisions, Vargothamamsa, Lords of decanates, Horas, Trimsamsas and Sapthamsas, different Vargas, benefic and malefic Rasi, Gandantha, directions of Rasi, Dig Bala and KalaBala, day and night Signs, Sirodara & Prishtodara Signs, strength of Rasi, synonyms of Bhavas, additional synonyms, Kendra, Apoklima and Panaphara, upachaya and Anupachaya, exaltation and fall, long, medium and short ascensions of Signs, favourable Rasis for journey and colours of Rasis Planetary Characters ,Kalapurusha''s soul etc., limbs from decanates, planetary portfolios, directions and nature, synonyms of planets, planetary colours, deities, sex, caste, elements, robes, substances, periods and Ritus, Lords of Vedas and Worlds, description and nature of the planets from the Sun to Saturn, planetary friendship permanent and temporary, five kinds of consideration of these, planetary aspects and strengths, directional and positional strengths, temporal and motional strengths, Ayana, Drekkana, Tribhaga and Naisargika Balas ,Miscellaneous Matters ,States of planets, effects of various states, retrogression in exaltation, good results in mid-life Swakshetra, Moolatrikona etc.

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