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(Recorded) Nadi Nakshatra Online Course - 2nd Batch [SA]

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This course focuses on an unrevealed concept in Astrology which is timely events only by knowing the name of the nakshatra a planet is placed in

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Note: The Jpeg wrongly has the dollar price. The Correct dollar price is $240


This course focuses on an unrevealed concept in Astrology which is timely events only by knowing the name of the nakshatra a planet is placed in

 It gets activated at certain years which our team has tested it aggresively over a period of time with charts documented

 For the first time something like this where snap shot predictions along with timings can be given will be revealed


Duration: 14 to 16 weeks

Starts: Sunday 26th June

Timing: Every Sunday 18:30 IST, 08:00 CDT

Duration: 14-15 weeks

Feed Back On Nadi Nakshatra Technique
My feedback as follows:
It is still early days for me, but from the group of
charts that I have worked on certainly I can see clarity.
In some cases, the event was not shown, however this
is not the fault of the technique because; 1 - I was
not able to interpret/see the event (lets call it the
Astrologer fallacy) and 2 - The native was not able
to remember the event (especially in relation to early
Just to cite an event that happened only yesterday.
The native was running her 33rd year, Saturn in Visakha
the 4th lord was in her lagna. It was conjunct Mars.
The nadi mentions 33rd year activates and generally
bad events can happen unless reversed by other
factors. The native had a minor motorbike accident
and had torn her knee ligament, she had to undergo a
surgery. I was not able to see this event using the other
techniques as clearly as the Nadi. Saturn represents
knees and it is with Mars (accidents/surgery) in the
lagna. Saturn also aspects the 10th house of knees
and the 10th lord Moon is in the 8th house with Rahu.
So the event can be seen clearly. However, I have to
admit, hindsight obviously makes the event very clear
and a lot of practise is needed to hone one’s intuition.
However, the technique is infallible. One other thing
that I have repeatedly seen is how the nakshatra
qualities leaves its mark on the events. Again this is
still something that I am working on, so I am not able
to authoritatively make a statement.
Hope this helps.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dear Sunil ji and Anuradha ji
Please find below my feedback.
I was a participant of Nadi Nakshatra Course
presented by Saptarishis Astrology team. Being about
5 years in jyotish, I have been just acquainted with basic
nadi principles in the previous course and was eager
to continue learning of them. Nadi Nakshatra course
was a completely new experience for me as it dealt
only with nakshatras and their years of activation.
Using these principles, an astrologer can predict
the important events in life of a native, knowing the
placement of his planets in nakshatras. The beauty of
this approach is that a practicing astrologer does not
require a dasha system or even transit of planets to
predict. They can be used to double check the accuracy.
However, the exact predictions can be done only after
assessing strengths and weaknesses of a chart.
In my opinion only practical use and continuous
testing of this technique will make one to succeed in
it despite of being very simple from the first glance.
The nadi nakshatra approach is another confirmation
of celestial providence in human’s life. Thank you,
dear Sunil Ji, Yuvraj Ajay Singh Ji, Anuradha ji and
all Saptarishis team for great knowledge and your
devotion to jyotish!
Kind regards
Dmitriy Gubenko
Kiev, Ukraine
Dear Anuradha,
The techniques taught in the Nadi Nakshatra Course
have opened a totally new way of seeing a chart. The
accuracy of the techniques is amazing. The other thing
I find amazing is how little I knew about the karakas.
Until taking these courses I was unconsciously stuck,
relying on a very limited range of Karakas, which
naturally limited my ability to see the variables in a
chart. More than anything else I appreciate having
had the coins lifted from my eyes in order to see a
whole new world of Jyotish.
Now I have a better idea of how classical
predictions were made and how they were so accurate.
I am practicing daily with the techniques associated
with the Nakshatras, with BCP and with using the
naisargika chakra in cases where the birth time is
unknown. The results I have seen and experienced
are nothing short of brilliant.
What these techniques have taught me truly
supports the old adage: It doesn’t matter what
happens to you, what matters is how you deal with it.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be
party to this learning.
Phyllis Chubb
Dear Sir
Thank you so much for the incredible Nadi Nakshatra
course. The wisdom and techniques that the teachers
shared were invaluable. Since the course is complete I
continue to test the system and find it to be amazingly
accurate regarding predictions.
Pamela McDonough
Washington State, USA
One side note - I wish I understood HOW these
dates have been established relative to the specific
nakshatras :).
Thank you very much for bringing these wonderful
teachers and wisdom to light around the world
through books and your youtube channel!
With much gratitude,
I like Techinque in Nadi Nakshatra, this was time,
when conscious how it gives extensive information for
our lives. Thank you Sunil and your team for the great
With Love
Inga Runge
Riga, Latvia
Dear Anuradha,
Thanks for this info.
Nadi nakshatra is the technique which I have seen
in my experience working like a magic. After the
course when I started working on it by myself, the
nakshatras started revealing itself the clues to various
events personally in my life, my friends life and my
clients lives. This gave me a better understanding of
spirituality as well. Thanks to Sunil Sir for bringing it
out to the world.
Lavanya, Boston, USA
These techniques are great! They are very helpful to
narrow the scope of prediction as well as more detail
the predictions and make more accurate prediction.
Many thanks Sunil Ji and all Saptarishis group of
these priceless knowledge.
Zaklina Stelmaconoka
Riga, Latvia
Respected Anuradhaji
I am happy to inform you that the course and sessions
were great. Thanks to you and Yuvraj ji.
I am still not clear about what events the activated
star can trigger? why should it be different at different
ages and why same thing may not happen again. Also
difficult to predict precise event when multiple events
are indicated. If you can clarify it will be helpful.
Further it is easy to interpret the past events but when
it comes to predicting future events as to what can
happen it is difficult.
Any way it is a new Knowledge and Thanks to SA
for sharing.
Best regards
Hi Anuradha ji,
Please find below my review of the technique as
requested. Thanks once again.
The predictive Nakshatra course is a great
technique of prediction. Thanks to Sunil Sir and the
Saptarishi team for bringing this rare and hidden
knowledge to the world.
I would like to thank the team for their dedication,
honesty and a thorough research on this.
Never before have I seen any astrologer talking,
writing or researching about this technique. Kudos to
the SA team and Sunil Sir for sharing these pearls of
wisdom. They have taken astrology to a new level.
God bless and I wish him all the best and want
to thank him once again for his constant pursuit for
researching and teaching these valuable techniques.
Saurabh Katial
New York
Respected Anuradha ji:
Here is my review.
Event timing techniques which we learned during
Nadi Nakshatra course are fascinating. It is a whole
new world in itself; Self contained and still accurate.
One does not need to master 1000s of sutras of
ancient sages to predict but mastery of planets and
house significators with these techniques is all it takes
to be able to make predictions. It also provides scope
of further research. Thanks to Sages who provided us
these techniques and to Saptarishis astrology team for
bringing it to us.
Texas, USA
Dear Anuradha ji,
Since the completion of the course (1 st Batch of Nadi
Nakshatra) on the 12 th June, 2016 – I have been using
this technique frequently. My views of this technique are:
>> The technique is simple and straightforward and
easy to apply
>> Even with my limited competence of Astrology, I
find the technique effective
>> On application, I find that I am able to identify 3-2
important events in the native’s life for each Nakshatra
>> For a querent, the question of when the event is
likely to take place is an important consideration. With
the application of the Nadi Nakshatra techniques
– the timeline for key event’s in the native’s life can
be deciphered easily – even with limited overall
astrological competence
This technique is growing on me as I keep applying it.
With regards
Bharat Ram
Bengaluru, India
Hello Anuradha ji ,
I guess i am late in sending the review...
Kindly find the same below...
It is quite overwhelming to know how Nakshatras
indicate the fruition of an event in our life at a particular
age. This truly is an awe inspiring phenomenon.
My sincere gratitude to Sri Sunil ji and his team for
unearthing this lost ancient wisdom.
God Bless
Warm Wishes ,
Raghunath Nayar
Surat –Guajarat
I recently attended the Nadi Nakshatra timing
techniques batch 1-. I found the techniques working
amazingly well in my horoscope and my relatives
horoscope. I think on basic level it gives astonishing
result about events in a persons life. Hence I fully
support this technique.
Udyant Kumar


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