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Predictive Astrology Courses By Ernst Wilhelm [SA]

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Predictive astrology methods can be roughly broken down into two types: Techniques and Yogas. Techniques are few and, once the principles are learned, allow the astrologer to predict about anything that they may choose. Yogas, on the other hand, are numerous, counting into the thousands. The disadvantage of predicting with Yogas is that it is beyond the scope of most people’s memories to learn all the Yogas to predict about every area of life. Yogas are, therefore, a great tool for specialization once the predictive techniques are learned, but do not provide the ideal predictive foundation. Most of the available Sanskrit textbooks on astrology, with the first dating circa 100 AD, consist of Yogas upon Yogas and very little technique. Two older texts stand out as technique centered texts: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and the Upadesa Sutras of Jaimini. These two texts provide all the very best of predictive techniques and are really the only two texts that an astrologer needs to study. A person can study every other available text in the world, and not be as proficient as they would be had they devoted their time to the study of these two texts. These two texts are complementary; one deals with the “Astrology of Life” and the other with the astrology of “Birth and Death.”

Jaimini Sutras deals with the astrology of “Birth and Death.” The techniques therein allow us to see most accurately the when and what of what is born into the person’s life as well as what the person is, their career, spiritual aptitudes, what their lives consist off, and their death. The techniques of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra deal with the “Astrology of Life” - that which happens between birth and death. All the many ups and downs between the birth and death. So only by learning the techniques provided in both of these texts can an astrologer be truly well rounded in his technique.

The techniques provided in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra reveal the four different types of effects that each planet will give. Thus there are four levels of predictions:

  1. A planet is a Karaka and responsible for producing and maintaining those things for which it is a Karaka. Venus, for example, is the Karaka of the spouse and Jupiter the Karaka of children. One level of prediction is in evaluating planets in regards to their being Karakas.

  2. A planet, as a Karaka, influences the house in which it is placed. Jupiter, for instance, rules children. If Jupiter is in the 7th house, children will have a significant effect on marriage, but will the effect be favorable or unfavorable – in the lives of some couples, children become a source of difficulty for the marriage while for others marriage only gets better once they have children. Completely different techniques are required to determine these types of effects.

  3. A planet is the lord of a house and will have an affect in regards to his house lordship and the house in which he is placed. Again, completely different principles are required to determine the effects of a planet as a house lord.

  4. Finally, planets represent the behavior of the individual. A person’s behavior will thus significantly affect any house in which a planet is placed and this behavior will either support the house or cause problems with the house. Again, completely different techniques are required to determine how the individual’s behavior affects the house in which a planet is placed.

  5. During the respective Dasas all these four things happen. Underneath all the events that happen during a Dasa, there is a certain degree of stress and hardship, which is determined by yet another technique from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

The core teachings of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra revolves around these four levels of predictions and Nakshatra Dasas. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra effectively deals with these four levels of predictions with just eight tools: three mathematical techniques and five Avasthas, or planetary conditions.

In these predictive courses we will treat each one of these levels of prediction. One level of prediction will be covered in each course. Each course will be from 6 - 12 weeks long. Each level of prediction can be used effectively by itself, so it is not necessary to learn all four levels as each level will reveal its own secrets, but in learning all four levels, the astrologer will be able to predict four times as many things.

Course 1: Parashara's Formula for Yoga Judgment

In this course I teach how to analyze Yogas using the mathematical principles from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Not all Yogas are created equal and it is the strengths of the planets that determine this. One of my favorite things that I cover in this course is the mysterious Nature of House Lords, how planets become benefic or malefic based on the Lagna in the chart. Using these principles you can determine the greatness of a person and see if they are more active in Artha (material wellbeing), Kama (desire), Dharma, or Moksha (freedom from material living.) In this course I will cover:

Parashara's 144 Bhava Yogas.

Nature of House Lords

Angle and Trine Yoga Karakas

Artha Yogas for acquiring wealth, Moksha Yogas for spirituality, Dharma Yogas for inspiration and greatness and Kama Yogas for fulfilling desires.

Vipareet Yogas - or how evil planets can become a great thing in your chart.

Karaka Yogas

How to Evaluate the important named Yogas such as Gajekesari Yoga, Parijitha Yoga, Sri Kantha Yoga, etc.

Ishta & Kastha, Subha and Asubha Dignities and Dig Bala to evaluate the strength of a Yoga.

This course is approximately 35 hours long and thus a very complete course after which you will be able to make a reading of a horoscope using Yogas. Course includes an extensive ebook manual and digital copies of all the charts used in the class.

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