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Navamsa System of Prediction by R K Das [RP]

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It is more than thirty years ago I made acquaintance of Hindu Astrology.
Soon I come to know about the importance of the Navamsa position of the planets and the Bhavas. In the matter of prognostication the value of a Navamsa chart is immense. But I find there is no book in which the subject of Navamsa has been exclusively crafted with. And thus I venture to write this book after culling material from classical works on Hindu Astrology.
I hope, my honest and humble endeavour to give an idea of importance of a Navamsa chart to our esteemed readers of Hindu Astrology will be acknowledged with great warmth. If the readers and the students of Hindu Astrology find themselves benefitted by the study of this book I will think myself amply rewarded
R.K. Das
Navamsa System Of Prediction
Pages: 184
Chapter 1: Navamsa - Extents and 
Chapter 2: Erection of Navamsa chart 
and Strength of the Planets and 
Chapter 3: The Moon and Navamsa: 
the navamsa marring a horoscope, 
navamsa leading to kingship and 
material success
Chapter 4: Naamsa in Different 
Bhavas - 1st bhava and Navamsa, till 
12th Bhava and Navamsa
Chapter 5: The Atmakaraka Navamsa
Chapter 6: Navamsa and Female 
Chapter 7: Navamsa in Marriage & 
Chapter 8: Navamsa in Birth 
Chapter9 : Navamsa in Longevity 
Chapter 10: Navamsa in Horary 
Chapter 11: Navamsa in Unknown 
Chapter 12: Method of  Judging a 
Navamsa Chart
Chapter 13: a) Navamsa relevant to 
various predictive tools
b) Navamsa an Aid to Rashi Chart
c) Navamsa an Independent Study
d) Navamsa and Spouse
f) Navamsa and Ashtakvarga
g) Navamsa and Gochara
h) Navamas in Election Astrology
i) Navamsa in Annual Horoscopy
g) Navamsa in Mundane AStrology
j) Navamsa and Dasa Antardasa
Chapter 14: Planet in Different 
Navamsas of Different Signs

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