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Nadi Nakshatra Chart Reading [SA]

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Nadi Nakshatra is a unique prediction technique which uses Nakshatras occupied by planets (and ascendant) in Natal chart to predict events in the life of native. Through this technique specific event in specific year can be accurately predicted without using transits or dasha. These specific events can fall between birth year and 100th year in the life of native. While many events can be predicted, our panelist will be giving out 21 event predictions (atleast 15 future events; remaining from past).

After you do an order of this reading, pls email us complete birth details at

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Among predictive astrology techniques ‘Nadi Nakshatra’ is a unique prediction technique, which uses Nakshatras (Star Constellations) occupied by Planets and Ascendant in the Natal Chart at the time of birth to predict events in the life of native.

Through this technique ‘specific event in specific year’ can be accurately predicted without using Transits or Dasha.  Events starting from birth year to 100th year in the life of native can be predicted through this ‘Nadi Nakshtra’ technique.

Our panelist will be giving out 21 event predictions (at least 15 future events; remaining from past).

Important Notes:

  1. This session will only cover predictions based on Nadi Nakshatra technique.
  2. This is purely predictive session (past & future events) hence please don’t expect any guidance during or after the consultation.
  3. Other than the technique & predictions we will not entertain any discussion related to transit results, dasha results, chart discussion, yogas during this session.
  4. No remedial measures (UPAY) will be given during or after the session.
  5. While we strive very hard to give accurate predictions, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Anyone taking major decisions on the basis of predictions given during this session does so at their own risk. Neither Panelist nor Saptarishis Astrology would be held liable for any damages or loss which may occur by any decisions based on these predictions.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the reading, you may request refund by specifying the reasons. If Saptarishis’ team determines reasons are acceptable, refund will be processed.

Timings for Consultation:

  1. Mondays      -   8 am  - 9 am Indian Time [IST]
  2. Tuesdays     -   8 am  - 9 am Indian Time [IST]
  3. Fridays       -   8 am  - 9 am Indian Time [IST]


Kindly note that the readings will be performed only at above mentioned time slots. Please indicate your preference for slot while sending your birth details.

After you do an order of this reading please email us your details at with a cc to

One to One Online consultations can also be done via Zoom Meetings only after making a prior appointment.

For further more details please contact us at or you can call us on 8655011573 /9819957779.


Disclaimer: Saptarishi Astrology® is the ultimate authority either to consider or deny your chart for reading.




Few Testimonials


Hi Sir,

My sincere gratitude and Many Thanks! to you, Saptrishish's team, sunil sir and our ancient sages who enlightened astrology.

I truly appreciate your patience, knowledge and time for this session. Request you to kindly share the recording of this session as per your convenience. As discussed, I will keep you posted as and when any of your predictions come true. If you wish you can use my chart for knowledge enhancement purpose, I will be there to confirm on events. (but please keep it anonymous if you refer to my chart while teaching to others)

I just remembered a major event in 2012-2013--This was the time when my maternal uncle betrayed my mother and my family and is root cause of my mother's paralytic attack in 2014 July. She loved him like her son and has taken care of him since he was born and so she was too hurt when he betrayed.

another event 1998-I topped in university entrance at national level (1st Rank M.Sc. PHYSICS)

2004-- First to be campus placed 93.5% in MCA

also I have noticed that usually friendship in my life starts with enmity of some sort and then those people become too close friends and are willing to do anything for me if I need any help..this has been the case except for 3 friends..not sure if this information is of any help to you for furthering your knowledge in astrology. But just felt like sharing so shared.

Also looking forward to hear from you regarding month wise prediction that you said.

Once Again Many Thanks! and Best Wishes





Hi ,

Below is my frank feedback on today's session...

  1. The session was excellent and informative. Especially useful if there is prior knowledge of astrology.
  2. The astrologer is knowledgeable and could explain reasoning behind some of the predictions and it was very helpful.
  3. I liked the fact that , the astrologer was not trying to force fit some events if they have  not occurred as per predictions. In some predictions i found that BCP's / BSP's were bit more accurate. I am not comparing two techniques and I could be totally wrong here as i don't know all events of an year and especially related to parents etc as i stay away from them and may not know. I feel knowledge of both may give more refined predictions.

Overall i would say its a totally new method of predicting and have not heard of anywhere else in my limited knowledge of astrology.. Hats off to the research and discovery by SA Team...

Keep up the good work and let me know if i could be of any help in any noble causes / charities supported by SA.


S N.


Most of the events you predicted from the past I was able to relate to except few where the events were matching but the timing you mentioned were (+-)2-3 yrs after the event.

The future one you have predicted for the year 2018-19, 2024-25, 2028-29, 2031-32, 2036-37,2049-50, 2057-58 etc have also cautioned 2017-18 for health this year as I could not recall at that point of time, would like to tell you got hurt in backbone this yr on 12th march which was before May 17'.  Will also confirm you the future events as it takes place. over all it was very good session.

Thank you very much sir.




It was indeed a big favour from SA USA. The reading was on time.

The events foretold mainly related to periods long time from now. Recent dates trends seemed accurate in some cases.

Past some events did make sense.

K G.



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