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Medical Astrology: Concepts & Case Studies ( Vol 1 & 2) by Prof. N,E. Muthuswamy [CBH]

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First  volume, Starting with the Basic concepts of Indian astrology as relevant to Medical Astrology are presented. Then a set of case studies are presented for understanding the application of astrological principles and how they could be used for analyzing the diseases and their onset for a native, as available from horoscopes.

Contents of volume one

        1.Introduction * 2. Basic concepts of Astrology * 3.Raasis       * 4. Planets and Diseases *  5.Moon * 6. Mars,  Kuja * 7. Mercury (Budha) *8.Jupiter (guru) *Venus (Sukra) *10. Saturn (Sani) *11. Raahu, Kethu,Gulika * 12. Planets (continued) * Bhaavas (Houses), body organs and diseases indicated by the bhaavas *14. Body organs indicated by drekkanaas (decantaes) * 15. Body organs and diseases  indicated by Stars (Stellar constellations) (nakshathra) *16. Contemplation of diseases in Astrology *17. Positions of planets in  horoscopes indicating health and diseases * 18. Signification of planets  *19. The Planetary Combinations indicating diseases and  example horoscopes * 20. Disease of heart and lungs * 21. Case studies  continued * 22. Case studies  continued  *23. Classifications of diseases



           Second volume starts with different types of diseases and how the astrological remedies are available for these diseases. The planetary combinations for different diseases are well documented. The book goes on to present astrological remedies as are available in Prasna Marga, Karma Vipakam, Lal Kitab, Veerasimhavalokam etc. A Detailed remedies for different diseases as available through Navagraha dosha shanthi, Gemmology etc are well documented.

Contents of volume two

                        1 Classification of Diseases* 2.Planetary combinations for  Inherent  diseases* 3.Diseases by Disharmony of the three humors and Planetary combinations* 4.Planetary Combinations of Various Diseases* 5,Accidents and  Unexpected  diseases.* 6.Diseases of  Possessions ( Baadha Roaga)* 7.Time of onset of Diseases* 8.Diseases from Horary - Roga in  Prasna* 9.Curable and Incurable Diseases* 10.Combination of planets indicating  pregnancy diseases* 11.Astrology and Surgery in Pregnancy* 12.Muhurtha for taking Medicines and undergoing Surgery.* 13.Ozhivu in the horary of diseases* 14.Remedial  Measures and Astrological Treatment of  Diseases * 15.Rathnadhaarana  chikitsa –Gemmology* 16.Remedial Measures in Prasnamarga * 17.Karma Vipaaka  Parihaaraas in Veerasimhaavaloka* 18.Navagraha Dosha Saanthi* 19.Combinations of Planets Indicating Danger* 20.Sixth House - A discussion on other aspects* 21.Diseases and Longevity* 22.Planetary combinations for Becoming Medical Practioners.* 23.Conclusion*


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