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Lal Kitab Grammar Course Recorded

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Lal Kitab Grammar Course (Recorded Course)

Speaker: Hanish Bagga

1 Year Recording Access of This Course (No Need to worry if You Miss any Classes)

You will get the certificate after the completion of this course.

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Lal Kitab Grammar Course (Recorded Course)

Course Content

1) What is Astrology?

a) Importance of Astrology in our Life
b) How to use Astrology in our Life?
c) Various Methods of Astrology – A Brief Introduction
d) What is a Chart and how it is useful?

2) Why Red Book (Lal Kitab)?

a) When it was introduced?
b) What is the Purpose of Lal Kitab?
c) Why it is different from Other Methods of Predictions?
3) Significance of Planets and Signs (Rashi)
a) What is a Planet?
b) Role of Planet in our Life
c) How Planet Works?
d) What is Sign (Rashi)?
e) Role of Sign

4) Planetary Relationships

a) Friends & Enemies
b) Teams of Planets
c) Role of Individual Planet in a Team
d) General Predictions by Planets
5) Relationship of Planet and Sign
a) Relations of Planets and Its Sign
b) Role of Planets and Signs in our Life
c) Prediction through Planets & Signs
d) Prediction through Birth Chart
6) Types of Charts (Kundli)
a) What is Kundli (Chart)?
b) Important Types of Kundli?
c) Role of Various Types of Charts in our Life

7) Planetary Aspect

a) What is Aspect?
b) Role and Usage of Aspects
c) Types of Aspects
d) Good or Bad Aspects as per Lal Kitab
e) Difference of Vedic & Lal Kitab Aspects
8) Sleeping Planet & Sleeping Houses
a) What is Sleeping Planet & Houses?
b) What is Activated Planet & Houses?
c) How to make use of Sleeping Planet & Houses?
d) Activation of Sleeping Planets & Houses
9) Sacrifice of Planet
a) What is Sacrifice of a Planet?
b) Which Planet Sacrifice of Whom?
c) How to do Remedies for Reducing Bad Energies?

10) Planetary Combinations

a) What is Combination of Planets?
b) How it is Made?
c) Silent Combinations of Planets
d) Prediction through Combinations of Planets in Birth Chart
e) Prediction through Combinations of Planets in Yearly Chart

11) Activation Age of Planet

a) What is the Activation Age?
b) Which Planet is Activated and Why?
c) Importance of Activated Planet and Its Role in our Life
d) Remedies for Planet Activations
e) Activation of Houses through Remedies

12) Year of Sign (Rashi)

a) What is Sign?
b) Activation age of Signs
c) How to use Sign Activations?
d) Prediction though Sign Activation

13) Impact of Planets

a) Role of a Planet in our Life
b) Impact of One Planet on Another Planet
c) Which Planet Makes Other Planet Good?
d) Which Planet Makes Other Planet Bad?
e) How to analyze a Chart using Planets?

14) Finding of Good and Bad Planets in Charts


a) Planet & Its Energies
b) Finding Benefic & Malefic Planet in Individual Chart
c) How to Reduce energies of Malefic Planet Through Remedies?
d) How to Enhance the Power of Benefic Planet Through Remedies?

15) Remedial treatment (Upay)

a) Planet & Its Remedies
b) Remedies for Each Planet in Each Houses
c) How to Use Remedies?
d) Birth Chart Remedies
e) Yearly Chart Remedies

16) Specialized Remedies

Specialized Remedies for Birth Chart
Ups & Down in Carrier (Special Rules)
When to buy Property
How to handle Litigation
Remedies for Court Cases
Remedies for Relationship
100 % Effective Specialized Remedies for Rahu & Ketu

Speaker: Hanish Bagga

1 Year Recording Access of This Course (No Need to worry if You Miss any Classes)

You will get the certificate after the completion of this course.


Product reviews (5)

20 March 2022

Sir i am instead to learn lal kitab It's my dreams

3 April 2022

I am interested and it will be a great pleasure to join ur grammar course. But one thing is that are u not going to cover annual chartवर्ष गाल.

7 April 2022

Like to join

19 April 2022

I want to work, please contact

20 May 2022

I am willing to enroll for this course, however just found that i has already started on 9th April 2022 and already more than 1.5 months has passed, Are you planning to start new course this month or next month

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