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Jyotisha The Super Science by K N Rao [VP]

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Ancient: Why & how composite culture?; Valmiki Ramayana, astrology & omens; [an entry in Sanskrit]; Lord Krishna's horoscope; Astrological references from the Mahabharata; A Pauranic view of Saturn; A glimpse of the moon from the Puranas.

Islamic: Saffronisation?; Timur, Babar & astrology; Humayun born on 6th March 1508; Akbar (1556-1605) & the argument against Saffronisation; Jahangir (1605-1627) & astrological references; Shahjahan Nama (1627-1658); Aurangzeb (1658-1707); Saffronisation?; Abdul Rahim Khankhana & Jyotish (1556-1627); Khet Kautakam.

Modern: Maharaja Ranjit Singh; Ths astrological story of Indian independence; Babu Rajendra Prasad: The birth of Lahiri ayanamsha; Jawaharlal Nehru & astrology; Why Hindu astrology is superior?: Woodrow Wyatt; Unscientific scientists; Shodash samskaras.

Science: The statement of scientists: Religious grounds of scientists; Do Indian scientists have "scientific outlook"?; Royal astronomer finds astrology scientific; Against Indian scientists; Stars of India - Travels in search of astrologers & fortune tellers; Western appreciation of Jyotisha; Valid criticism; Astrology for the farmers; What is the definition of science?

Mundane: Birds, astrology & weather; Where astrology triumphs & meteorology fails: The Indian drought of 2002 & Hindu astrology.

Evidences: What is not astrology: Extraordinary tales of seers & sages; Problems of collecting documented evidences of: Successful predictions; Mundane prediction & burning astrological fingers; Method of selection of these evidences; My predictions: Evidences; Astrological explanations; Iraq under threat; Israel, the flash point; [an entry in Sanskrit]; Examples of astrometeorological weather predictions; How astrology triumphs over meteorology; The famous Venus transit of 8 June 2004; Should astrologers predict about politics?; Rediff writings; Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi; Evidences - others.

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