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Industry & Business By Kuldeep Saluja [DP]

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Vastu Shastra is an old science It is related to universal truth

and not any religion or cult. Atter research for thousands of years out resto mom have made it useful for common people Vastu Shastra is very significant in today's lifestyle. th present times if anything goes wrong in the life of a pers then, in addition to all other factors he also think about Vastu defects at his residence and/or office It is due to this increasing popularity of Vaastushaastra that every Tom, Dick and Harry is now laastus r i these days Interestingly you will find that some of them even do you know look at compass properly. These Faustus Stress have created their own remedies to remove Vaastu defects, e to plant pulses in front of house, to tie a cow in front of house, to bury a pyramid in the earth or on the door to put Yantra in copper plate, to put God's idol or Shri Yantra ctc

Vastu Shastra is a medium to take advantage of energy present in the nature by coordinating with the same Nowadays Vastu Shastra has become a fashion and due to this it is practised more as a superstition and less on scientific basis I regularly write on Vaastu in the famous magazine Grill and receive a lot of mail from my readers. I made up my mind to write on this science of construction (Building) after receiving my readers' mail. I wanted to help them to solve their Vaastu problems in a scientific way. I also wanted to remove their illusion about Vaastu and to save them from

the cheating done by many of the so-called astushoestris I Have studied books on Vaastu by learned sosostris like SBN Reddy Sri Dronamraju,

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