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GURU PURNIMA PUJA 2021 – 3 Day Puja

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Date - 24th July, 25th July, and 31st July 2021

Puja Price  =  INR 3500 Rupees Only/-

Guru Puja Timing - 7am to 9am IST 

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Day 1 – Puja -24th July – 7 am to 9 am IST - Guru Pujan


First time in the history of YouTube Astrology, Saptarishis Astrology presents mantra sadhana for astrologers on the very auspicious day of Guru Purnima 2021
• Gapanapati sadhana for success in all field.
• A rare mantra for removal of Guru Curse (Shapha) from our birth chart.
• A special Gayatri Mantra to burn the karma derived from astrology consultations to the astrologer.
• Saraswathi Mantra for astrologers to improve their intuition.
• Lakshmi mantra for people who are suffering from financial issues.
This event includes a Homa, where all the registered participants prior to the Homa will be taught the correct pronunciation of the mantra recitation with the rules and regulations of the mantra sadhana.
Serious participant’s who wants to learn how to do perform traditional Vaidic puja at home can also register for this event so that our team would teach the simple method of doing puja at home, prior to the guru Purnima event and the participants can start doing the vaidic puja from the auspicious Guru Purnima day.
On the day of the event, Saptarishis Astrology is conducting a customized homa for astrology community for the well being of the people to advance in the study of astrology and protect themselves from the negative karma which comes to us when we see others birth charts.
The specialty of this homa we are performing is all registered participants can chant the mantras during the happening of the homa to ripe out the maximum good vibrations of the homa from their house itself through the mantra recitation process.
After the completion of the homa, the participant can continue the mantra recitaton daily for 48 days to complete the sadhana.
Since we have very limited seats requesting the serious participant’s to register soon and attend the mantra recitation session at the earliest before the event.


Day 2 – Puja -25th July – 7 am to 9 am IST - Various Pujas

Guru Pujana
Guru Puja is a traditional ceremony of expressing gratitude and honoring the lineage of spiritual Masters who have been the custodians of the knowledge of the Self. Chanting the Guru Puja unites our minds with this tradition of Masters. Guru Pooja is a certain science of using chants and offerings to manifest a powerful experience in your living space. This particular Guru Pooja is known as Shodashopachara, which refers to sixteen ways of welcoming a Guru. Far from being a religious ritual, Guru Pooja is a way of using emotion as a tool and involves a certain reorientation of one’s energies, which can bring a different quality into your life if practiced on a regular basis. Guru Pooja is offered to a lamp as a symbol of all the great masters, regardless of what culture or religion they belong to.

Punyaha Vachan
Punyahavachana can further be alternatively spelled as Puṇyāhavāchana, Punyaha-vachana and Puṇyāha-vāchana. The Punyahavachanam is vedic ceremony which can be performed to cleanse the house, or place for the well being of the one who is performing the pooja. The Punyavachana ritual involves the chanting of punyavachan mantras and sprinkling of water of the holy rivers.

Ganesh Pujan - Atharvashirsha
Ganapathi is worshipped first before starting any auspicious activity.Ganapathi Puja is performed for Lord Ganapathi who removes all the obstacles and negative energies. This puja bestows one with victory, brings harmony in family and helps one succeed in life. Ganapati pooja is performed to retain health, wealth, and prosperity.Athrvasheersha: Atharvashirsha is a mantra chant praising the existence of Lord Ganesha considering him the Lord first worshipped among all others. Gana-dheesh meaning adhipati of Gana i.e. Lord of Lords, Lord of intelligence,Lord of all wealth,Lord of Peace.Avartan means repeated chants like multiples of 11 ,21 or sahastra meaning 1000 avartana (Repeated chants) will yield you utmost peace,blessings and whatever you desire positive in your life.

Navagraha Pujan
Navagraha Shanti is the Pooja performed based on the planetary positions in the Horoscope. Bad deeds or karmas from ones previous birth along with the planetary positions of grahas (doshas) will have a bearing on a person’s finances and well-being. In Hindu astrology these doshas are recognized and Poojas are performed to negate the wrath of the planets. Navagraha Shanti or is recommended as a solution to these sufferings and has to be performed under the guidance of a . Navagraha Pooja or Homam pacifies malefic planets and strengthens benevolent planets, resulting in removal of obstacles in personal and professional life.

Hanuman Kavacham from Rudrayamal Tantra
Power of Hanuman Kavach: If you are struggling with problems like fear, discord and evil eye, then you must chant Hanuman Kavach Mantra on Tuesday.
Hanuman Kavach Mantra covers the body like a cover
Chanting of Hanuman Kavach Mantra in distress removes every problem.
Hanuman Kavach Mantra should be chanted with Rudraksh rosary
Hanuman Kavach is the biggest mantra for protection from ghosts, phantoms, chandals, demons and other evil spirits. On the other hand, if someone has done sorcery on you or your family, then you can also use the power of this mantra to avoid it. This armor removes all kinds of grief and gives strength to the body. Whatever troubles are there in life, they can be removed by chanting this mantra.

Lakshmi Pujan- Sri suktam
Sri Sukta& Laxmi Suktam of the Veda is a powerful Vedic Hymn for Good Luck & Prosperity. It should be recited specially on Fridays together with formal worship of the Goddess Laxmi for peace, plenty and all-round prosperity. Sri Suktam or Sri Sukta uses the motifs of lotus (Padma or Kamal) and elephant (Gaja) which are the symbols that are consistently linked with the Maa Laxmi in later references. Maa Lakshmi is usually identified as the Spouse of Lord Vishnu or Narayana and she represents the glory and magnificence of God. Actually, Lord Narayana and Goddess Lakshmi stand for Being and Becoming
- Sri SuktamPaath is for divine grace and blessings of Goddess Laxmi.
- Reciting this Suktam gives wealth, fortune and prosperity of all types.
- One should do Laxmi Suktam Path for removal of obstacles and success.
- It bestows good health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity & contentment to the worshipper.
- For Immense Wealth & Kingly Lifestyle.
- Presence of Maa Laxmi bestows good luck and immense prosperity.


Day 3 – Puja -31st July – 7 am to 9 am IST - Rudri


Rudri Path- All 4 vedas
Lord Rudra is a famous deity worshipped popularly in Hinduism since Vedic times. Rudra is the manifestation of Lord Shiva and quite often the term Shiva and Rudra are used interchangeably. Rudra is the destructive and cleansing force. Though the name looks fierce, Lord Rudra is highly merciful and benevolent in fulfilling the needs of the devotees.
Rudra mantras remove fear and clear all the confusions and vagaries of the mind. Every human has a set of fears. Chanting Rudra mantra regularly in the prescribed manner with devotion and focus of mind can help overcome all kinds of fears and stresses. Rudra mantra is the ultimate panacea for all illnesses, discomforts and diseases. It can relieve the individual of the uncomfortable state of illnesses and promote overall health and happiness.

Navagraha Suktam
Navagraha Suktam chanting is performed to reduce the malefic effects of the planets with the powerful vibrations emanating from the fire lab. The transition of the planets tends to cause turbulence in your life and performing this homa can bring about radical changes in your growth and development. For best results, this homa should be performed at least once a year on the day of your birth star to receive the maximum benefits.
The uniqueness of performing the Navagraha Suktam chanting is its propensity to appease the planets and correct the imbalances in their position in your birth chart, which is responsible for your day-to-day life. This allows leading a better life bereft of the difficulties associated with the planetary transits.
The powerful combination of the Homa and the sacred chanting can penetrate your psyche and cleanse the aura of negativity around you. It can bestow longevity, good health, protection from evil forces, and help you achieve your life goals. This ritual is strongly recommended for those who suffer from chronic and acute ailments to improve the quality of your life.

Ashirvada Mantra - from all 4 Vedas
Ashiravada mantra is most popular at all weddings and worship rituals in our Hindu life.But most of us do not know the full meaning of what it says. We simply understand that it is a blessing with some good wishes for your prolonged life.
After completion of Yagya all Vedic Pandits will recite Ashirwad Mantra from all 4 Vedas, by listening this Mantra you can invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha and Navagraha.


Mantra Shastra And Astrology

• Introduction to mantras.
• How does mantra work and why does it fail to work.
• Why is mantra shastra important to astrologers.
• Bhaivara puja for self protection.
• Astakavarga and direction of meditation.

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7 July 2021

Dear Sunil Sir -- I thank you very much for Organizing such wonderful event during guru Purnima. I would like to be of this ceremony . Best Regards Sanjay Sural- Jamshedpur Jharkhand M : 9709001397 E- Mail :

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