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Casting the Horoscope [KP]

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When there are many books on Astrology Available In thie world, where is the necessity for this book 7" may be asked by Ry. This question is taken up and the aNswer is the Introduction fer this book.

In India, there are many Siddhantas and one of them were vth each other. Therefore the pavilion of the planets calculated and obtained differ one from the other. Astrologers have to depend upon only these almanacs in India and each prepares the Horoscope and ultimately on two horoscopes are, eventhough the time of birth given to the astrologer by the native remains the ame Then the native is confused and he or she does not know blch of them is correct. Each person hes a dozen different borescope for the same time of birth in hw him to the astro logers all over World. A few of the astrologers do not know how te erect a correct chart when the birth remains the same and the erection of the horoscope is nothing but a mathematical calculs- Hon The native must be given one and the same horoscope even though It is worked out hy many A few do not know the need of the place of birth, that is to take the latitude and longitude of the place of birth.

Sripathi Paddhati gloves a good knowledge about various calculations. When we go through the various records, there is Botblog to prove that Stipathi bad studied the Western system sho und then came to a decision to render his treatise. It is to be presumed that be knows only the traditional Indian System and accordingly be bas published bis book. During their days, there was no ocular Instrument; but In

these days we have not only the ocular instrument but also various other ones to formulate and bring out the Ephemeris ch la very correct. Therefore when correct ones are available, la not wise to use the almanac for casting a horoscope. What want is a correct chart. ta India, the Indian authors are following the original system. it works suggest that they do not want to Improve it, but to

ply and blindly follow as Advised in the traditional system.

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