A Book of 300 Important Horoscopes Vol II By M K Viswanath [NP]

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Astrology book about 300 important horoscopes vol 2 this has got 300 horoscopes of various personalities and brief description about astrological combinations on their status.



Of has been mystery and mystical for everyone

ay setup formed by you, you don't like straight forward people, straight forward approach and straight forward actions. Because th people have got straightforward designs in their brains But you forward to people who agree or compromise with you Disagreement someone is a form of disgrace for you. It is a stand of a rebel in your y You would like to dismiss and get rid of such people instantly. Because you are not upto to face them. So you are labeled as selfish and biased by public. But the approach in Astrology too should be straight forward and selfless

Most people in the society are driven by covetousness, jealousy or the act of plagiarism and not by their own discretionary vision for the future as they throw their ideas from others. It is easy to copy than to create by sheer hard work by own. They want easy tasks and smooth ways Ones required to work hard any field. You need not search yourself to locate a legend born anywhere The legend him /herself shall announce t for you. In every era, they take birth from the womb of their mother. You wit See legends in Astrology too

A student should consider himself / herself just below to everyone, humble in nature in education, in knowledge and in wisdom, so that his / her inquisitiveness in these aspects remains in embryonic stage, meditating. ever growing and expanding. When you realize your mistakes and agree to them, there is a scope for you to learn more. As you learn more, more knowledge is gathered and equally more of your ignorance too unfolds

Astrology is termed and considered as a subject and object of belief by a particular religion. It is misunderstood and mis-conceptualized as a subject of superstition or fatalism. Partly our fore-bearers are also to be blamed for this Remedial measures prescribed by an astro are related to religious. practices, secret procedures and secret oaths. John F Kennedy once famously said that the very word "secrecy is repugnant. Hence it is too easier to misunderstand this subject by general mass and term it as a subject married to a religion. People seldom understood that Astrology is

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