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Preface to Secrets Of Shastiamsa 0
Preface to Secrets Of Shastiamsa

The credit of inspiring scribe to learn about D-60 goes to 3 lines from Shri K.N. Rao in an email reply dated Sept/Oct 04 (reproduced below) – we worked on it and established more than 20 techniques of D-60. His mail confirmed what we had understood in BPHS & confirmed our belief in Parasara. Then, in March/April 2005, when a young astrologer by the name of PVR Narasimha Rao had entered in the territory of K.N Rao’s Jyotish Group and gave an analysis of past life via D 60, then as a response K. N. Rao revealed in the Jyotish Group list to P. V. R. Narasimha Rao & all what Parasara has said on D-60: that it is not a chart for past life as was the misconception of the parampara knowledge of Narasimha. This opened the eyes of many though anyone who has read BPHS knew it or just did not understand it.

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Ganesh Worship in Skanda Purana 0
Ganesh Worship in Skanda Purana

Ganesh Worship in Skanda Purana

Puranas are one of the holy texts of India which can be a great tool for learning. When the Sagar Manthan (churning of the Ocean) was being done & Halal-laid (poison) emanated out, surds asuras (sods & demons) requested Lord Shiva to explain how this poison which was destroying the universe came about in the first place. Lord Shiva says in Chapter 9 Shloka 70-75.

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