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Rudraaksha - The Mystic Seed-Rudraksha Hardcover

Rudraaksha - The Mystic Seed-Rudraksha Hardcover
Rudraaksha - The Mystic Seed-Rudraksha Hardcover

Rudraaksha - The Mystic Seed-Rudraksha MYSTERY OF RUDRAAKSHA BEADS (ELAEOCARPUS GRANITRUS) REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE_KNOWN HISTORY OF THE WORLD By K.T.SHUBHAKARAN I have been doing research on the holdy Rudraaksha Beads for several years. These devine Beads contain the mystery of the Creator. Yes, it is, I, for the first time in the history of mankind, revealing the hidden mysticism in the holy Beads and the secret of the Creator. My endeavour through this book is to establish the authenticity of our Puraanic descriptions and inscriptions of various creations of the God. Readers may be able to tind much similarity between the Gguresl forms available in these Beads and those described or inscribed or painted by human beings. Initially my idea was to publish different volumes based on a particular Puraanaa or epic. Since the oost of various volumes will be very high, I have now published in the present book all the figures/forms available with me and which can easily be identified by the esteemed readers. Books Written and Published By K.T.SHUBHAKARAN 1. Shri Rudram De-coded 2. Shri Rudram (Mantras only) 3. Yajur Veda De-coded (Chapter 1 to 4) 4. Ganapathi Exists or Not? 5. Rudraaksha the Mystic Seed (Reveals the myth of Shiva and Linga Puraanas -Book-2) Note: Items 4 and 5 mentioned above have been incorporated in the present Book titled - ‘Rudraaksha the Mystic Seed - New’). Hence no re-print of them will be made for the time being.

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