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Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Chart 14 & Chart 15 0
Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Chart 14 & Chart 15

Learn How Bhrigu Rishi Used to Predict

Mercury the Karaka of education is in enemy camp meeting Rahu in the 2nd house therefrom and also Mars in the 3rd house. Hence, the native will not have a smooth educational career.

Jupiter being placed in Capricorn along with Mars in exaltation indicates that the native will come into possession of parental landed property. The native will fare well by agriculture and cattle breeding.

chart 15

The grandfather of the native. had wealth and landed property (Mercury-Venus in the house adjoining to Rahu's position) and the Sun's conjunction with Mercury and Venus indicating the parents to have inherited the properties and passed it on to the native. But the father lost all property on account of his quarrelsome nature and his sister being left without children he came to possess that property. As Jupiter and Saturn have exchange of signs and when Jupiter transits Sagittarius, his own house, the Sun will have his friend Jupiter occupying his own house and so the parents of this native will come into possession of some property. Saturn Rahu conjunction indicates wind troubles to the parents. The old house owned by the father will be demolished. The native will live upto a good age of 60- 65 years and spend happy days.

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Reference:  Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Book By R G Rao (Ranjan Publication, Page No: 25)

Learn how Bhrigu Rishi used to Predict

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