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How to Make Money using Astrology By Joni Patry [SA]

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Pages: 153

Size: Size : 6.25” x 9.5”

Published by Saptarishi Publications



Discovering Your Luck and Fortune

"Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer." J.P. Morgan, founder of Morgan Bank

This book enables everyone to use the power of cycles pertaining to the planets for personal financial gain. In a search to alleviate the massive problems humanity has concerning financial lack Joni focused on the issues of money and astrology. Through self analysis she found the many deep rooted emotional issues we use to imprison ourselves. It is actually our relationship with money that reveals our own self worth. We innately believe money is bad and poverty buys us a ticket to heaven. All these deep seated beliefs are instilled in us at a very early age. But by understanding that money is energy we can shift our mindset from poverty to prosperity. 

Cycles of the Planets have influenced the cycles of our social climate and financial trends. These cycles are the natural trends that create balance. With knowledge of the future trends you can make your plans accordingly with the advantage of this powerful edge. You can use astrology to understand these cycles and use them for YOUR best timing to achieve your goals.

All the information gleaned from analyzing wealth through the planetary cycles, billionaire’s charts, the stock market, and lottery winners relates to YOU and how YOU can use astrology to create your best timing to achieve wealth and prosperity.


We are pleased to endorse Joni Patry’s latest treasure trove of astrological wisdom, titled How to Make Money Using Astrology: Discovering Your Luck and Fortune. This book represents Joni’s many years of meticulous research and dedicated practice in the field of financial astrology. Joni imparts practical knowledge and profound spiritual wisdom with her clear intellectual brilliance and warmly engaging writing style. For novice astrologers, Joni presents an uncomplicated “crash course” in astrology in Chapter Two. In the next chapters, we are introduced to the fascinating topic of global planetary cycles and the fine art of predicting world events. From there, we learn how to locate and analyze financial indicators in the natal chart; many fascinating example charts of extremely wealthy natives are examined in detail. As an added bonus, Joni explains the astrological indicators for career and life purpose, as well as those used to predict a sudden rise in life. Joni explains how to determine the future and how to pinpoint our luckiest days, and even the luckiest times of day. Joni throws is some secret techniques from her astrologer’s notebook that alone make this book worth the purchase price. There is even a chapter on stock market trading! Readers will appreciate the extensive glossary that Joni has included. There is no doubt that this will become one of the most popular and functional financial astrology books ever published that cannot be  recommended enough.




Predictions by Joni Patry


Joni has a Japanese website and predicted the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


March 11, 2011 Japan has experienced the worse earth quake in Japanese history an 8.9 earth quake! 

Since I have had a Japanese website for the past few years I take personal interest in the Japanese culture and well being.  In my predictions I wrote in February for my Japanese website, I gave a dire warning! 


Japan is under a dangerous planetary period now and must be aware of the potential for earth quakes. Between now and summer there is the potential for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.  Neighboring countries can be a threat in terms of the potential for warlike attacks. Overall this is a violent month around the world and Japan seems to be right in the path of destruction”.


Prediction of the Boston Bombing during the Boston marathon April 15, 2013


In my book Predictions for 2013 and in my last newsletter I wrote of violence for April 15th – the Boston bombing!


“April 12-17: This is the beginning of extreme events that will mark this time in history. As Mars and the Sun converge in Aries the god of war rears its ugly head”.



In The November newsletter and her book on Saturn and Rahu 2013-2014 Joni predicted the coldest winter in years. Record breaking! It was the coldest winter on record in 2013-2014 for the USA.


“Swati is literally about the wind indicating many storms will cause great destruction worldwide while Rahu is in Swati. But when Jupiter retrogrades back into Ardra, which is the howling wind there will be more violent storms that will rock the world, January 16, 2014 - April 25, 2014. I predict this winter will be one of the coldest winters in many years”.

Joni Predicted social uprisings and protest in many governments for 2013. Libya, Egypt, Syria and Turkey were among the few with major social uprisings and protests.


Therefore, my conclusions and predictions for this year involve conflict, social upheavals, protests, racial revolutions, the rise and fall of world powers, anger, threat of nuclear war, and issues revolving around energy and fuel. Conflict will give rise to compromise and resolution”.


Month of June 2013

North of india there is a major disaster and around 70,000 or so stranded, several dead, several villages wiped out


“As the year progresses severe events will intensify. 

Major Storms, Severe Weather, Tornadoes

 And I believe there is even more yet to come. This year will go down in history for severe weather.

From my book: Predictions for 2013: "Each time Rahu was in Libra there were extremes with weather, record cold winters, hurricanes, and floods”.



Chapter 1: Astrology and Money P.6


Chapter 2: Basics of Vedic Astrology “A Crash Course in Astrology” P.11


Chapter 3: How to Predict World Events with Astrology P.19


Chapter 4: Global Planetary Cycles P.27


Chapter 5: Past Astrological Timelines Reveal the Future P.33


Chapter 6: Is there Money in my Chart?  “Billionaire’s Charts” P.39


Chapter 7: How to Determine Career or Life Purpose P.78


Chapter 8: How to Use Astrology for the Stock Market P.91


Chapter 9: How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life “Lottery Winners” P.102


Chapter 10: How to Find the Most Auspicious Hours: Planetary Hours P.120


Chapter 11: Best Times for Luck and Success “Aligning with Positive Energy” P.123


Chapter 12: Predicting Your Future “Transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu” P. 129


Glossary P.140


A Mystical Foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale


Several years ago I hired a Vedic Astrologer to do a life reading for me. I was skeptical but curious. The reading was fascinating, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it until a few months later, when I stumbled across an audio recording of the reading that the astrologer had sent to me.

 I listened to it and was amazed that all of her predictions had come true. I’ve been getting readings from the same Vedic astrologer ever since. Her name is Joni Patry. And she wrote the book you are now holding.

Joni is more than an accurate and expert Vedic astrologer. She is a woman wise beyond her years. I’m often amazed at comments she’ll make about life that are shockingly brilliant. For example, Joni reminds people that while Vedic astrology is accurate, you still have free will. When you make choices and decisions, you influence the course of your life and all of those around you. This is not a small comment to take lightly. This is pure wisdom.

Joni’s book is like that. It is brimming and brewing with brilliance. I suggest you sit with it, absorb it, and let it help you choose your life path with insight and awareness.

A great adventure awaits you.

Dr. Joe Vitale

Author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits




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