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Recorded Session - Super Predictive Jyotish Pandit Course - Level 1

Availability: Big amount

Jyotish Pandit Course Details (More than 132  hours) - Recorded

  1. Blank Chart Predictions Technique By Sunil John 15 Hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  2. Houses & Significations - Q&A - Sunil Sir 7 Hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  3. Doubts Clearing Sessions 31 hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  4. Main Lecture Classes 110 Hours (More Than)

Teachers: Upendra Bhadoriya, Vidhan Pandya & Sunil John

Course Duration: 50+ hours of instructor-based learning

Terms and Conditions

  1. Certification will be provided to qualifying candidates only. In order to obtain certification student is required to maintain 80% attendance, submit homework on time & clear the final examination 
  2. Attendance in each session is mandatory. If the student is found absent for several consecutive sessions without prior notice, he or she would be removed from the course.
  3. This certification may be required for advanced courses.
Price: ₹ 25,000.00 25000.00
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Net price: ₹ 21,186.44
excl. 18% TAX, excl. shipping costs
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Jyotish Course by Saptarishis Astrology (More than 132 hours) - Recorded

  1. Blank Chart Predictions Technique By Sunil John 15 Hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  2. Houses & Significations - Q&A - Sunil Sir 7 Hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  3. Doubts Clearing Sessions 31 Hours and 30 Mins (More Than)
  4. Main Lecture Classes 110 Hours (More Than)

Course Content:

  1. Blank Chart Predictions Without Planets & Hidden Yogas by Sunil John - Bonus Lecture
  2. Prashna Secrets & Mustika Prashna (2s) - By Sunil John & Rajiv Bajpai
  3. Introduction of Astrology
  4. Houses
  5. Signs
  6. Planets
  7. Punch MahaPurush Yogas
  8. How To Create Chart Using Software Jhora, Parasara Light, Saptarishis Astrologers Desk - By Sunil, Bhadoriya and Vidhan
  9. Planets In Houses
  10. Nakshatras by Bhadoriya
  11. Principles Of Dasha Interpretation
  12. Bhrigu Chakra Paddhahti by Sunil John
  13. Transit And Ashtakvarga
  14. Navatara Chakra 
  15. Blank Chart Predictions Without Planets & Hidden Yogas by Sunil John - Bonus Lecture
  16. Bhrigu Saral Paddathis - unknown methods by Sunil John 
  17. Panchang - How To Use It - Vidhan Pandya
  18. Calculation of Navamsa and Hidden Techniques of Using It - Bhadoriya and Sunil John

Product reviews (26)

17 May 2020

I want to join on EMI basis

27 June 2020

Interested to join the course

3 July 2020

Will we get certification also. Like jyotish praveen etc. Please start certification course also

4 July 2020

Anil Kumar Regar

6 July 2020

Is emi available

6 July 2020

shall I join on EMI basis

7 July 2020

Shall permitted to join on EMI basis

12 July 2020

I have done 2 years Astrology course from ICAS. Do you offer any advanced courses?

15 July 2020

Did this course start already?

20 July 2020

Sir has the course started? I want to join

20 July 2020

Sunil Sir I want to join immediately.. Can I pay in EMI s .. Please give me details sir?

20 July 2020

Sir i want to join the course immediately. Can i please pay in EMI. Can you please tell me the details...

21 July 2020

Hello Sunil Sir, First please take my Pranam. I hope you are doing good and please take my feedback mentioned below: It's my honour that I am getting knowledge from you and want to thank God for this event in my life. Regarding JPC course Upendrasingh Bhadoriya sir and Vidhan sir are teaching us in a very proper manner and they clear all our doubts whenever we ask them. Rote memorization sessions are also going well but for 27 students to take memorization from 9pm onwards is not enough, I think. If you think okay, then please do it from 8pm onwards. Blank chart prediction technique which you taught us was awesome, I have not heard it before. But now the real challenge I am facing is how to properly utilize or use it systematically or you can say logically. Prasna Kundli technique is also great. Something which can be created very easily and while predicting, it can provide some uniqueness to it. If I have to give feedback in one single word then I will say “Lottery”. And we all are winners whoever associated with you. I think so. The knowledge you are giving is very huge and rare but that's my insufficiency that I couldn’t collect it at once. I need to recheck the videos sometime to grab it properly as I am also a beginner. Please forgive me, if I had said something that hurts you Sir. Lastly, please take care of your health and I will feel blessed, if God permits me to do something to improve your health. Regards, Deepjyoti

21 July 2020

Namaste, So far I’m extremely happy and excited with the JPC course. I’m glad my friend Ricardo advised me to join. In one week I have learned more than I learned in the last 6 months. And it’s just the beginning, I’m optimistic. Thank you for your faith in us students thru all the troubles you take to teach us. God bless you, Vicky

28 July 2020

I want to join...ASAP

31 July 2020

I want to join the course on EMI सर् क्या ये कोर्स हिंदी में होगा या इंग्लिश में क्योकि मैं हिंदी में सीखना चाहता हु लैंगुएज प्रोब्लम है

31 July 2020

Sunil sir Is this course in hindi or English

2 August 2020

The course will start on which date and month. What is the price of the astrology software.

4 August 2020

Can I still join it please reply me as soon as possible

6 August 2020

Can I join on EMI the biggners course

10 August 2020

I WANT TO JOIN JPC course, is the registration still open

13 August 2020

Am i too late to join the course as of 13th August?

2 September 2020

Pranam Guruvar, I'm intesrested in joining the course. I have completed Jotish Visharada and looking for something like this. Can I join now? Kimdly advise. Regards. Suman Mukherjee

2 September 2020

Is it possible to join on EMI basis

5 September 2020

Good morning to all Sir's in the group Wish you all a very happy Teacher's day!!. Sir above course is for beginners also or only experienced person can learn this course. Please advice.

16 September 2020

Can i join on EMI basis

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